PKMBuy BDSP - How To Get The Sea Incense in Pokémon BDSP

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Sea Incense is one of many items found in the Pokémon BDSP that players can give their Pokémon to hold. There are many different items in the Pokémon BDSP, including attribute boosters, berries, items that only affect certain types of moves, and more. Sea incense is one of those items that only affects certain types of moves and provides the same breeding effect as all incense in the Pokémon BDSP.

Each incense in the Pokémon BDSP has two effects: one related to Pokémon fighting, and one related to breeding. For example, Pure Incense makes wild Pokémon appear 30% less likely and can be used to obtain Green Spirit Eggs. At the same time, Qixiang can increase the power of psychic moves by 20%, which can be used to get Mime Jr. eggs.

Haixiang is like several different items in the BDSP, providing a 20% damage bonus to water-based moves. This is the same effect that holding items like Mystic Water or Wave Incense in the Pokémon BDSP provides in battle, which also means that Sea Incense stacks with STAB benefits. The STAB gain and Sea Incense together increase the Water moves used by Water Pokémon by 80%. Although this item is rare in competitive use, players should take advantage of these rewards in battle towers.

Where is Sea Incense in Pokémon BDSP?

Players can find their Haixiang in the Pokémon BDSP on Route 204. The only problem is that players first need to use mobile surfing outside of combat. Surf can first be obtained by talking to Cynthia's grandmother in Celestic Town and can be used outside of combat after the player defeats Fantina, the Gym Leader of Hearthhome in Pokémon BDSP. After Surf can be used outside of combat, head to Route 204 and cross the pond on the left to enter the route immediately.

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For breeding, players can give Haixiang to a female Marill or a female Azumarill, and then breed either Pokémon with another member of their egg group to produce an Azurill Egg. Azurill and Marill have some separate egg moves, such as Azurill's ability to hatch with fake tears and Marill's ability to hatch with Future Eyes. However, Azurill doesn't have any egg moves that Marill can't hatch from a competitive standpoint. Also, since Azurill can be caught in the wild, there is not a high demand for specialized breeding of Azurill. Regardless, both of these Pokémon deserve Azumarill in the Pokémon BDSP, mostly because it's one of the best water-type Pokémon available. You can Buy BDSP Held Items here.

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